Dennis Kamp

For San Clemente City Council

Dennis Kamp

For San Clemente City Council

Dennis Kamp

For San Clemente City Council

Dennis Kamp

For San Clemente City Council

Public safety

Public safety is the building block of our city. Keeping our families safe in our parks, on our streets, and in all the places we live, work and play. I strongly support local law enforcement, as well as our fire and marine personnel and I will work to strengthen our current relationships


  • E-Bikes are taking over the city, and it’s time for the introduction of sensible new regulation and stricter enforcement of our exiting traffic laws.
  • I will work as a partner with our public safety officials ensuring we have a mutual understanding of the issues we face and the needed visibility to achievable solutions.

Homeless and the Unhoused

We are in a crisis. I will work together with our neighboring cities to build and implement a regional county solution.

My plan is to bring the cities within South Orange County back into the discussion of a joint approach.   And to start talking about our homeless issue in three levels of severity.

Level 1.

Individuals and families, one paycheck from losing their home, and they need our food banks and low-income support services to ensure they stay in their homes.

Level 2.

The homeless, due to economic tough times, divorce, or illness and are either employed or unemployed, yet employable.   They need community support, low-income housing, and low-income support services.

Level 3.

This is the population that tends to get the most discussion and causes our city the most angst.  It is the emotionally and/or physically challenged that need an entirely different level of care and attention.

To summarize:

  • We are in a crisis, and must act
  • Any homeless shelter in San Clemente would only become more of a destination for nearby cities to drop off their homeless. (Which is happening now)
  • We need our community partners with us on this journey.
  • San Clemente needs to a regional solution

We cannot and will not solve this alone

The Work Culture at City Hall

I will work to bring the community back together to build solutions, rather than divide the city on partisan politics, resolutions, and sanctuary city nonsense. Council business must meet the needs of our city as a whole and not the needs of any special interest.

In office, I will work to meet the needs of the city to fill open staff positions and bring a work-life balance to our city hall staff.

We shall create an inviting atmosphere for all voices to be respectfully heard.

I will not tolerate disrespect in any form or in any capacity and will lead by example.  I will halt actions by others when disrespectful conduct is exhibited.

As a leader, I will be the champion to the alignment of all, in our mission statement of maintaining a safe, healthy atmosphere in which to live, work and play. 

Supporting our Local Businesses Environment

Small business and large business alike are the backbone of our community.  Let us celebrate and advertise all that they do.  Their stewardship drives the betterment of our community.  I will send the signal out to all businesses that San Clemente is their best choice to call home.


I will work to:

  • Make San Clemente more business friendly to grow our local economy
  • Emphasis the benefits of businesses calling San Clemente home
  • Identify, gain community support, and implement long term solutions to our downtown parking dilemma
  • Improve Building Permit responsiveness
  • I pledge to listen to the concerns of our local businesses. To listen to learn.  To build solutions.

Large Commercial Development

I oppose large commercial development.   I opposed what the county is now doing to Dana Point harbor.  

I will work with our planning committee to remain vigilant in protecting our beach town whenever large-scale development projects are contemplated.

I will only support development that champion the city’s mission statement:  To guide development to ensure responsible growth while preserving and enhancing our village character, unique environment, and natural amenities.

Sand Erosion

Our beautiful beaches are integral to our quality of life and to our thriving beach and tourism economy. I will work to implement a coastal resiliency plan with a sand retention program.

Fortunately, we have acquired state and federal funding and have solutions proposed by local experts to mitigate sand loss.  

I will ensure we utilize that funding wisely, and that the city picks the best possible solution to preserve and maintain our beaches

The Toll Roads

Unfortunately, the TCA is alive and well and they continue their focus on south orange county.  The TCA has a long-term plan to increase traffic to our community to attract large development projects.

I will continue the on-going vengeance against any type of toll road, or expansion to our freeways that will cause detriment to our village character.